Education is Investation (*)

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In era mondial, education is most important than the other. The any reason that it be one of most importan because, in a qualified nation must be have a Human potensial capasible. Education is unsure that role increase Human Building. And when the Human Buildung is good, the nation will be defence in era mondial.
Michael P. Todaro have said, that “The any world nations were very deficient in their supply of semiskilled and skilled manpower. Without such manpower, which it was assumed could be created only through the educational system, development leadership isn’t intensify.”*
This meaning that, education able make a nation intensify with human development.

In Indonesian, education hasn’t a focused by gonverment. And education too decrease now.
“Seeing the restlessness of this nation, the more gluttonous”, at least so say people who have been marginal people today. And now the above statement will be thrown to us, and how do we respond? Of course we will never know the answer to each of us – each directly coming out of a lip that is not screened. But from our inmost heart may be, must be ‘clicked like – this’ for that initial statement, especially the brothers – brothers who really feel it today.
Gaps remain will be a gap as there is no cure illness. If the inventarisir in to detail, then all kinds of people ranging from level officials and private agencies to proletarian (ordinary people), can detailed with a row – a row of long, or maybe not endless. Because it is ‘so’ much, everyone would be turning it with a supple and smooth.

So I think education must be a focus for increase the human building and the nations are ready look up future. And it need a participant of all civil.
From now, lets ‘walk in globalization’ with goo education.

(*)Hendry Roris P. Sianturi
Pendidikan Biologi 2007
*Moeljono DjokoSantoso, Dr. 2006. Lead. Jakarta : Elex Media Komputindo


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